Andrew McCormick, a scholar working with Hiroshima University, has written a few very interesting articles for Art Island Center, which calls itself:

 “a multidisciplinary resource for artists and researchers based on Naoshima. Bringing together local and visiting students and experts from diverse backgrounds in the arts and sciences, the Center is a place for creative discovery, critical dialogue, and the sharing of knowledge.”

Andrew McCormick writes a very good article about Inujima, called “Inujima, the Art Island”. Nicely written, very informative about the history of the island and its place in contemporary Kagawa-ken, and accompanied by terrific photography. Give this article a read and learn of one more place that deserves a visit when you come this way to experience Shikoku!

Andrew writes this article for the Art Center. The websites is . Check out the other articles on this site. There are a couple here:

Many thanks to the Art Center and to Andrew for such articulate and intelligent presentation of Naoshima and Inujima. I look forward to more writing in the weeks and months to come!