Only In Japan is a GREAT Youtube channel that takes us all over the country. Recently, they put together this terrific video about Kochi Prefecture, the Shimanto River, and making washi paper.

I love that we are taken along a terrific trip that is really DEEP Japan, where nature, clean water, and kind people are plentiful. And crowds, noise, and concrete are much sparser in comparison. It is easy to rent a car, rent a bicycle, and get out to really see the area.

John takes us on a VERY unique and special tour of a wash-paper workshop. This is really a unique and original experience, and this is a terrific window into that world. Rogier Uitenboogaart, owner of Kamikoya, shows us how it is done.

Rogier’s site is here:

The production level of this video is really off the charts. Brilliant and deeply informed about food, culture, area, architecture, and art. I love this channel: