Kuro-bi, the Youtube Production company that makes all kinds of instructional and promotional video added this gem to their material. In it, you get to see some more hands-on explanatory material with Shorinji-Kempo teachers interacting with Okinawan stylists. It is very interesting to people who have been enjoying and exploring martial arts.

In my own very short time on the Shorinji-Kempo grounds we had a chance to do some interactive light drills with a partner and experience the “back and forth” of learning together that is a staple in this particular martial arts tradition. I very much like that in the Shorinji-Kempo world you need to have someone to interact with in order to make the art “alive”.

We are working with groups that are interested in coming to Kagawa, and visiting Tadotsu to do this for themselves. If you are interested, please contact us via cometokagawa@gmail.com . We will see what we can do for you!

Check out the video and learn how to handle a kicking attacker!