Kelley Ferro is a traveler extraordinaire. She travels all over the world and is hosted by a pretty substantial catalogue of corporate sponsors that want her insight and input about her experiences. She travels the world. So, you can imagine how supremely cool it is to see that she has highlighted Setouchi as THE place to visit for a deep Japan experience.

This set of videos is so well produced. The photography, the editing, the copy writing has all been very professionally managed and assembled.

Kelley certainly makes a point of hitting many of the high points of what is available to see and experience in the Setouchi region. This area is so packed with nature, culture, original cuisine, and colorful people, it is no wonder that she fell in love with it.

From the grand vistas of the Setouchi Inland Sea, to temples and shrines, to gardens and ancient roads, Kelley takes us along on her adventures. But she also takes time to experience the quieter and more intimate things of Japan too. It was great to see her getting involved in indigo dyeing.

Many thanks to Kelley Ferro for coming this way and for bringing along your megaphone and spotlight to introduce and show the great things to see and do in Setouchi. One thing I appreciated in particular about Kelly’s visit is that she is very interested in EXPERIENCING Japan, and not content to just look at it through a window, or from a roped-off walkway. She is in the thick of things, talking with people, getting to know about culture and language, and just really serious about being in the moment. An ideal visitor and a great ambassador for Setouchi and Shikoku.