This is a very cool concept, and one that a few companies are working hard on promoting. I want to show this video to you for now, and reviews of companies that do this will pop up as they contact us or I find them.

I have several friends who are cycling enthusiasts, or sometimes called maniacs. And they cycle everywhere. I am not a cyclist myself, but I do understand the attraction to it. Shikoku is a marvellous place to explore and go around by bicycle and many have done it. You can even travel as a cycling pilgrim if you choose, and that is a good combination of two passions.

The weather of Shikoku is very well suited to bicycle travel as there is little rain, comparatively with other regions of Japan, and less traffic congestion too. There are huge areas of mountain roads, and coastline, for you to explore and experience. In the city of Takamatsu, the roads are even set up with bicycle lanes on the sidewalks to help people get around more easily.

Come on down to Shikoku, put on your helmet, get up on your peddles, and zip on down the road.