This is a GREAT article and a wonderful thing to see. Previous articles about Kagawa, and most of Shikoku have been rather disappointing up until now. But there is something in the wind. Something good. Something great.

I bought my first Lonely Planet book back in 1989 and I needed it for when I went to China. I took it everywhere with me and it was well worn and traveled as I went all over the place. Lonely Planet is one of the “big authorities” on international travel and has been absolutely a life-saver for me a few times when I really needed to know how to get form one place to another.

I recall an incident when I was traveling with a very sick friend and I needed to get her onto a boat from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. The directions in the Lonely Planet were critical in me getting her on the boat, and then to Hong Kong, where she required immediate medical attention. Without that info at the right time I am not sure what would have happened. Thanks Lonely Planet! You guys rock.

And sorry that my thank you note is about thirty years late. Sheesh.

So check out this GREAT write up and if you are not yet in Kagawa, you know what to do. Get to Japan, enjoy Tokyo for a day or two, head down to Kyoto to do the Kyoto-thing and then… then come on down to DEEP Japan. It’s the Japan of your dreams and the place where you can see the things that you really wanted to.