Prepare to get blown away. Kat Davis made a most unbelievable website that is so dense with material and helpful advise, that if you are an ohenro going to do the whole 88 temples on foot it BEHOOVES you to check on her material. She has done, in marvelous detail, spelled it all out for you for what you need to do to hike the 88 Temple Pilgrimage. Her website is DEEP with knowledge about what you need to hike well, be safe, know how much things cost, how to get around, and TONS of important things you need to read. I am an instant fan. If there is anything missing, it is that her Ohenro gear needs to have a cape flapping majestically in the wind. She is just super. Super Ohenro. No. Doubt.

Another thing that I am discovering that I just love love love about her site is that it lacks the “well… I know it all, and this is how you need to do the ‘Ohenro’…” tone. I was deeply impressed with her breakdown of her budget (this is something you need to calculate carefully should you come this way!) She also identifies in detail ALL her hiking gear. That is also essential information you need to know.

The site is so charming, and the tone is particularly friendly and kind. Easy to read, and the photos are also wonderful. This is the perfect kind of blog/site that I like to discover. Please do check it out, and let Kat know what a fabulous job she did.

Kat says that she hikes all over the world, and checking out her other pages from this main site, you will be impressed. As tough as they come, and as friendly as they come too. Great work, Kat.

Get to her website at: