It seems that there is a pretty steady stream of visitors who come to Kagawa through Uno-Port, from where they access Naoshima. That is pretty cool, and a great thing for the island to have in place to help with the flow of visitors.

James and Laurent have put together a very nice video of their experiences on Naoshima and capture very nicely the essence of it, tastefully, and take time to slowly unravel the beautiful things to explore and discover. A variety of video techniques are used to create the narrative. Nicely done.

The narrations throughout are also quite soothing, and maintains the evocative tone that is Naoshima. They also seem to enjoy the simple pleasures that are abundant in Japan as visitors. Love that too.

I hope to see them come this way again, and while Naoshima truly is great, there is still so much more to discover just a ferry ride away to the south, to the whole of Shikoku. And from there who knows what adventures may await them next.