Meet Lu Barnham, an international author and travel writer. Lu takes us on her journey around Shikoku in a very well crafted narrative. Her book, “The Cicada’s Summer Song” is an excellent read. Stephen King tells us that the absolute best writing comes from a place of empathy. I think that Lu Barnham captures the essence of empathy and engagement with her readers very effectively.

Coming to Japan and just trying to get a handle on day-to-day life is quite enough sometimes, but Lu has a way of taking us along with her on the journey in the Ohenro world that feels entirely seamless. Her internal dialog with us is completely engaging and feels completely authentic. I was completely captivated with her writing, the intelligence of it, and the fluid style with which she engages the reader. I highly recommend this book to any would-be Ohenro, those on the trail already, and really anyone who is interested to learn what the 88 Temple Pilgrimage is all about.

There are many challenges on the road, but Lu is neither brought down or matter-of-fact about them. She moves forward, aware of her own thoughts and feelings, and honest with her experiences. Very refreshing and truthful, “The Cicada’s Summer”, is a terrifically written book, and a good touchstone for pilgrims coming out to take their first steps out on the pilgrim’s path.

Check it out. Available on Amazon and Kindle!