I really really like this video. Barely Evolved Apes is the kind of Youtube channel that is just at the cusp of huge discovery, and a very successful following. This channel has all the best ingredients that I personally enjoy about a quality Youtube experience.

First of all, the creator is very relaxed. There is no wild gesticulation and false intonation as he speaks. He just talks. And walks. And brings you along. He shows cool things, doesn’t tell you what to think, and just lets you see things yourself. He is not judgemental or brings things to any quick conclusion. Just in the moment and you are there too.

The style is great. The voice is golden. And the editing is very nicely done through and through. I’m so impressed. The quintessential Kagawa visitor: relaxed, calm, thoughtful, and in the moment.

Barely Evolved Apes takes us on a culinary adventure with salt-related products of Naoshima. Normally not a big fan of watching anyone eat stuff on TV or the Internet, but this was admittedly, pretty good too.

A great host. A great channel. Subscribe and enjoy. Thanks BAE for making a trip out this way to sunny Kagawa, and sharing with us your discoveries and adventure.