Good day friends and neighbours!

Just a quick note here to mention that the sister-site to Come to Kagawa, called Your Pilgrimage in Japan ( is getting a very thorough clean up this week to make it more “complete”.

I did the Shikoku Pilgrimage during a “gyaku-uchi” year, which means I started at Temple 88 and then worked down towards number 1. I got a lot of the text in with a good number of the temples, from 88 down, but not from number 1 and up. So that needs to be fixed up and my notes need to see the light of day.

Also, and this is a bit more personal, in the last couple of years my dear friend and mentor, Mark Elwell, who I had been close to for years, passed away suddenly, and far too soon. That kind of shell-shocked me and I think that I subconsciously put this site away in my mind. It’s hard to lose a good friend, and some things felt a little too keen, too sharp, to handle for a while.

But now I feel better. And we are now being beckoned forward with local government and JR Shikoku to participate more actively in all the things that need to be done for Inbound Tourism regarding the Shikoku Pilgrimage. I guess I better brush things up. No more time to wallow or make excuses.

In the months to come you may see a fair bit of cross-over with that site, and I hope that we can be of good service to people who want to learn more about Shikoku, the pilgrimage, the history, the gorgeous nature, and the unique experience that is to be had while being an ohenro (pilgrim).

Thank you for making this site so successful, and for visiting. If you have comments, questions, objections, or haiku that you need to share, just let me know!

Best always,