Ok, so I don’t normally go nuts over foodie things, or gourmet things. It is not so much my style. I mean, I love food, but I am also pretty busy and my lifestyle for the most part is to look at food like fuel to get through the day.

But this thing about yuzu. I just love it. I don’t know why. But whenever there is a yuzu product I see at the supermarket I stop, and I look, and I often buy it. So, take this as a personal testimonial that yuzu is something that is particularly delicious and quite excellent. Once you try it, you will know. And then you will behave irrationally in the supermarket just like I do.

Ok, here is a great video about how to make yuzu jam! The subtitles are a bit google-translated, but you will get the point no problem. Ok, back to yuzu: