Anrakuji, “Temple of Everlasting Happiness”! This is such a beautiful place to visit. I simply loved the natural surroundings here. The fields, the plants, the crops stretching out as far as I could see. And then there is this lovely temple in the midst of it. You really are in DEEP Japan when you get this far.

And this is still so much the beginning of this amazing trek. There is still so much more for you to see and experience.

You will find a very nice combination of modern and ancient here at Anrakuji. This temple carries the theme of Kukai drawing out water for healing that we find in other temples as well. Legend states that Kukai struck the ground and a curative hot spring came forth.

The buddha of this temple is the Yakushi Nyorai, the “Medicine Buddha”, and the buddha of healing and recovery. You can identify the Yakushi Nyorai by the medicine box often held in one hand. This is the buddha that is very much in this world, the one of healing, nurturing, and the alleviation of mortal suffering.


Currently, I am going through a re-edit of the pages on this site. Going through all my notes and photos makes me very excited for you on your journey. If you have a chance, please let me know how it is going, and if you would like to share an experience I would be happy to put it up in the blog. In the meantime, travel well and safe!