When you come to Japan you will inevitably have some experience riding the trains. The subways that run all over the major metropolises of the nation. I am always astonished as to the incredible speed and punctuality of the trains and subways. It is amazing.

Here in Shikoku, the Pure Land, and very much off the beaten track, the JR Shikoku company with its incredible innovations in engineering and tenacious dedication to passenger service, make rail travel very effective and attractive.

I’ve lived in Shikoku for many years, and I usually drive around Takamatsu for my work, but from time to time I get to ride the trains around Shikoku, and every time is absolutely great. So, if you are going to ride the local trains around the major cities, use the JR lines to get easily between locations, use the train as your vehicle to experience the Shikoku pilgrimage, or ride to and from Shikoku on the overnight Seto Sunrise, the JR company will get you where you need to go.

Awesome, and very much a necessary “Come to Japan” experience.