The title of this website is Come To Kagawa, but really, how does one actually “come to Kagawa”. It is easier than you think and much much closer than you realize. Visit Kagawa: The Official Kagawa Tourism Website has an excellent image I want to share with you here.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 11.15.37 AM


As you can see, Kagawa is just two hours away from Kyoto and less than two hours from Osaka. You will spend more time standing in line with massive crowds of tourists in Kyoto in the same amount of time it takes to come to Kagawa, where you can roam crowd-free among art islands, pilgrimage temples, and great local food, effortlessly.

I really think that the experiences to be had in Kagawa cannot really be understated. I love every place I have had a chance to visit in Japan, and I really have a great time in the big cities too. But when I think about a “deep Japan” experience, where I feel some connection to culture, music, textures, and nature, nothing quite comes close to Kagawa, and all of Shikoku.

So, now you know. When you get to Japan and you are in Kyoto, you are really just one short skip from deep Japan. Come to Kagawa!

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NOTE: An important edit for this blog, and was brought to my attention almost immediately after I put this page out, is that the travel times from Kyoto and Osaka are not entirely accurate. The distance can be made in that time by car, and if you take the express ways. I did the trip by car recently for my daughter’s ballet recital and the times are about right. If you travel by train the time to Takamatsu from Kyoto is more like 3.5 hours. But still VERY reasonable. So, still DO come to Kagawa, pack a meal on the train and take a short nap… you’ll be here in no time at all (well, about 3.5 hours anyway).