“Yakuouji” can be translated as “Medicine King Temple”. This temple has quite a bit of cultural significance for the Japanese as in their culture there are some “bad luck years”. These “bad luck years” need to be attended to, and one must make presentation of oneself at the temple and shrine for purification and protection. To many, this is no small matter and needs serious attention. I can attest to this myself and have been the recipient of special prayers and ceremony for such protections in my bad luck years of 41 and 42. My next appointment will be for when I am 60. These are the “bad luck years” for men. The bad luck years for women are 32, 33, and 61.

This is the temple where you need to go to get protection, and to get amulets, should you be in a “bad luck year”. As such, you may find an disproportionate amount of traffic here when you visit.