This is an EXCELLENT idea for anyone coming to Kagawa to do some proper sightseeing. If you have been kind enough to follow this blog you will probably find me writing something like, “Hey, you know that Kyoto and Tokyo are really great, and yeah, you should go there and hang out. BUT…. when you get tired of all the crowds and tourists you should come to DEEP JAPAN and discover something really beautiful and fun and unique here in Shikoku.”

And I say that a lot. I say that because it is really true, and I want you to have a great experience in Japan that is more than subways, industrial lighting with concrete, and crowds of people while you are pushing your luggage through some tight spaces.

And you can do that HERE. And you can rent a car here. And you can drive all over the place here. And you can go to Shodoshima which is just so beautiful. But enough of me blathering on. Watch this Youtube video of some very savvy visitors who rented a car and did that.

Play the music you want. See the area at your own pace. Feel the wind on your face as you cruise around.

Just be careful. Drive smart. And enjoy yourself.