I finally finished the “basics” of a website I had been slowly building (very slowly) over the past three years. It is called “Your Pilgrimage in Japan”. So, back in January, 2016, I decided that I would try to learn more about the 88 Buddhist Temple pilgrimage of Shikoku. I own and run a busy company so there was no way I could take 2 months off and walk it so I joined a bus tour that got together once a month and zipped around to all the temples over the course of a year.


Some temples got visited too quickly, but others I could linger, hang out and learn more. It was a very exciting experience and I am glad that I did it. Going by bus tour has some benefits. The first is that I can arrive at each location unstressed and not exhausted. I can focus on getting information and to do what I could to introduce each temple. I could also meet some very very  nice people on the way too. Pilgrims are pretty cool, I discovered.

So, now the first draft of the website is complete. I can’t say it is great, but at least is the skeletal form of something that will get more and more information added to it as I go along. At any rate, I hope you will be interested to go over there and take a peek. I would be thrilled if you have some feedback on it. Comment here, or drop me an email.