Good morning fellow travellers and pilgrims.

Today is a new day and new adventure in publishing. I wasn’t expecting Amazon to move so quickly, but the “hard copy” version of my book is now out there. I’m very happy, and also very tired.

The last week before getting the book completed was pretty stressful. But I somehow managed to get it completed. I hope that the book is well received, and that there are not too many glaring errors within. One thing about this age of publishing that I really like is that editing is much easier, and if there are things that need more information, or re-working, the medium to do it is malleable enough to make it possible. When I wrote my book on karate I felt like I was chiseling words into stone. I love this age of free-flowing information. I find it liberating.

And I hope that my little book will give you something to feel “light” and “liberated” about too. The trail is waiting for your footprints. When are you coming our way?

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.03.40 AM