While there is very little written on Ogijima that bears mention, or has particularly interesting insight, there is an excellent video here on what you can see on that island. 西澤めぐ creates this very nice video of Ogijima. Take it from the natives of the region! They know what is best to check out! Ogijima is really one of my most favourite places in the Setouchi region, and I hope more and more people will come from all over the world to see how great it really is. So, check out Naoshima of course, but then take a day to see the off-the-beaten-path part of this area as well. There is much to explore in the Setouchi region. Enjoy!

Ogijima has a few very interesting places to visit and discover. There are art exhibits, a few nice places to eat. And of course, cats! Thank you Nishizawa-san for this video!