It’s been a very good, very busy last few weeks. I spent a few days on the Kumano Kodo and had a chance to connect with some very interesting people in the travel business. We have some plans that are to be hatched in the months to come, so that makes me a little excited. Also, my little book about the Shikoku Pilgrimage managed to make the news here. And that is far beyond my expectation.

At first, I just wanted to put the book out for foreign visitors who are interested to discover Shikoku and learn more about the pilgrimage that is growing steadily in attention from around the world. There are resources out there, but some are authored in an “authoritative style” with a somewhat “imperial” flavour. That doesn’t jive too well with me. Another issue with some of the materials out there is the notion that “osettai” is “free lunch” and “free lodging” and “free rides” and “go ahead and pitch your tent in that school yard if no one is looking”. I want to dispel that notion and urge newcomers to Shikoku to please please please book proper accommodations, and do not walk through this region with your hand out in expectation.

But do please come here nonetheless less. Shikoku is gorgeous and splendid and inspirational. You can see things here, experience ancient Japan, and have time to reflect and explore in ways you cannot do so easily elsewhere.

Anyway, the book caught the attention of a couple newspapers and now there is a little momentum behind the book. Of course I am thrilled, but I want the momentum to transfer to you, to people thinking about what adventure they want next, and hope it nudges you one step closer to booking your ticket, your hotels, and towards hatching your own plans for an exploration of the undiscovered Japan.

Here are some links and some articles that have come out. Thanks so much for coming here and for your interest in traveling to, and through, and around, Shikoku.

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And here is a link in English to the first article: