It’s been a crazy day. We got a phone call from a business friend who said they saw an article about my book, “Your Pilgrimage in Japan: A Regular Canadian on the 88 Temple Buddhist Pilgrimage of Shikoku” in the newspaper. That was really great! And then he mentioned that the news article created by Kyodo Tsushin is all over the place.

Whoa… then we checked on-line. Sure enough. The article got picked up in a whole bunch of places. I was stunned. I still am stunned. I think I will always be stunned.

And I am so grateful. And thankful. And I don’t have any more words to express the feelings I have that this book, this tremendously amateurish text that I churned out, is being received as kindly as it has.

Here are the most recent links to the media exposure:

Mainichi News:

Chunichi News:

Tokyo News:

In Tokushima:

In Kochi:

On Yahoo:

News Picks:

47 News:

In Kyoto:

Nishi Nippon News:

Yesterday, a dear friend, and former professor, in Edmonton bought the book and said that he loved it. That made my day. I thought that he bought the book just to be kind to his former student, but when he said that he learned a few things from it and enjoyed it I was really glad to hear it.

And now that I think about it, I am really glad that this book can be something of good help and service for people who just want a little more information on the pilgrimage than is currently out there. I hope that it inspires people to come out to Shikoku, to travel around the island, to stay for a week or two, or three, or come back as a repeat visitor. I hope that the book can be a bridge between different people of different languages and cultures. I hope that it can be helpful for people to make friends with locals who are here in Shikoku. After all, it’s the meeting of new people and making new friends that is the very best part of travel, no?

If you would like a copy of the book yourself it is available through fine Internet connections everywhere:

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