One of the greatest things about being a Canadian living in Shikoku is that sometimes I am invited to check out some rather incredible parts of this country.  While Shikoku has Art Islands, the 88 Buddhist Pilgrimage, and incredible food and drink, there is a part of Shikoku that is deeply off the regular tourist track.

That place is Hata in Kochi Prefecture. From today there will be a series of blogs about Hata and the activities and adventures you can enjoy in the region. When you are traveling around Shikoku it might be a good idea to take a few days off to relax and to submerse yourself in the rural landscapes and seascapes of Kochi. The people are kind and charming. The seafood is divine. And there are so many things to do. I hope to take some time here to introduce them to you.

Welcome to “Nature Tourism Hata Kochi Japan”. The main launching off index can be found here:

You can see by the excellent design of the website that it shows you what is available to experience and enjoy by season. This is a great concept that makes it easy to navigate and explore. If you see something that you would like to try, please go right ahead through the links and contact the people you find on the pages. There have been an increasing number of non-Japanese visitors so there is a growing ease with working with people in English to help them book reservations for desired activities.

One activity that looks like a great time is the Shimanto River SUP (stand up paddling).

Take a look at these videos to get a sense of what it is like!


Here is their English access page: 

In this next video you can see how gently the people of withRIVER look after their guests. The guests are new to the sport and wobbly and unsure, but they are so kindly encouraged and supported each baby-step of the way. That is really nice, and maybe a good chance for foreign visitors to make some new friends in Japan too.

You can also get into a canoe as well!

Spring time is coming quickly and the water is getting warmer. Take a day or two in Kochi, enjoy the Hata region, and get in touch with people who can put you on the water for a unique and very fun activity.

More Hata adventures coming soon!