It’s been very difficult to bring myself to write on this blog the last couple of months. I know that I said that I am still dedicated to promoting Shikoku, my home prefecture of Kagawa, and to bring out as much information as I can about this wonderful area.

And it is wonderful.

And still so beautiful.

But as you know, we are in a new season, the “Corona Virus Season” and each of us needs to do our part to be safe and smart, and to do our best to both not catch or spread this virus. It’s depressing to feel unable to go outside, to a nice restaurant, to socialize with friends, or to travel. And the impact on Japan is real. A recent article in the Japan Times said that tourism to Japan is down 93%, and I think that was optimistic. The tourism season is over, until further notice.

But Shikoku is still wonderful. And still so beautiful.

So, I guess I will do the best I can do and get back to work. There are things that need planning and much work to get accomplished. The Corona season will not last forever, and even though it continues we believe that vaccinations to curb the sting of its affects will help. Even though that is still several more months away.

If you are thinking of traveling to Japan next year, this website may be of help to you:

This site will let you know what parts of Japan are the most heavily affected. Shikoku looks pretty good now, comparatively speaking. But the numbers are likely not entirely accurate. It’s hard to track the virus, and many who may be infected are uncounted. So, in truth it is better to stay home for the next few months anyway.

I shall do what I can on this side of the planet, keep feeding your dreams of when you can come, and hopefully also providing the concrete methods that you can use to come here smoothly, see all you hope to, experience the Deep Japan you have long wished to see, and to also see you from start to finish safely and healthy.

In the meantime, be well and be safe.