We are getting to the end of this wretched year. It’s been hard. It’s been tough. A lot of people got hurt this year. So many people got sick from COVID 19, far too many people have had their lives damaged and businesses ruined. And too many have passed away because of ineptitude, poor leadership, and people who prefer to crunch numbers over caring for human life.

It’s been a bad year for mis-information, and the megaphone blasting out as lies as a substitute for reason, science, prudence, and natural human empathy for our fellow human creatures. It’s been a disappointing and frustrating year. We are supposed to become wiser as we age, but I fear that the reverse may be true, and we cannot pretend that we are good examples for the next generation following ours.

For this website, for our hopes and dreams of promoting Kagawa, and the WHOLE of Shikoku, this has been a disaster. Inbound Tourism has been hammered to zero. There is nothing, well almost nothing. A few people come in and out who have been living in Japan already, but international travel has ground to a halt, and these days is even more severe than before as mutant strains of the corona virus have been found around the world.

The doors are not yet ready to be open yet.

I look back over the year and there are a paltry number of updates to Come To Kagawa. Less than a dozen. The year before I had updates for almost every day of the year. We were flying high, and then we crashed.

I’m reminded of the oft quoted adage that “night is darkest before the dawn”. For some reason I have the voice of Bruce Cockburn, Canadian guitarist extraordinairre, singing that in my head. I think it is true. I hope it is true. I believe that it is true.

There have been a few things brewing here while the world has been plunged into this dark place. I’m optimistic for change and for the dawn that promises a new beginning. I’m feeling an obligation to do my part to keep waving a flag over here in Shikoku. I will share as much as I can as we get things restarted. The pandemic will get under control, somehow we will learn of a “joy that finds a way” (thanks again, Bruce). Somehow and someway.

Updates to come.