This is a nice short introduction to some of the very fun and very much off the beaten track part of Japan. Ellie-san takes us in hand to explore the really beautiful and simply pristine nature that Kochi has in abundance to offer. Having been to Kochi a bunch of times myself, I can attest to her documentary here that this place is really much how it looks on film.

In this expedition, Ellie hangs out with monks and ninja. Not a bad way to have a unique Japan experience. Kochi is often, and quite wrongfully, overlooked as not keeping up to her other Shikoku siblings. This cannot be further from the truth. Kochi is gorgeous, and if you love to explore and discover the Deep Japan that is intrinsically rooted in nature, this is THE place to do it.

When the COVID cloud clears, book yourself some time and transportation to get around. Clean, safe, beautiful, and an ideal location to start healing after the long dark of the corona virus. A must-go destination for 2021!!