I wear jeans everyday. Maybe because I am just such a simple Canadian, or maybe because they are comfortable, or that they have all the pockets I need for my things, or that they wear for a long time, or maybe just because I’m just a blue jeans kind of guy.

But there are other people who love jeans, as in are deeply devoted to blue jeans, dyeing, and intimately knowledgeable about denim. This video is really great and trumpets the very cool indigo dyes and denim of Tokushima.

What I really liked about this video was that there is such an earnestness and palpable feeling that the craftmanship of making something beautiful, and functional, is important. The feeling of pride and dedication to developing something unique, and understated, and connected to art and culture and style, was a great treat to see. Something rare, and much needed these days.

For those of you in the blue jeans world and who would like to get your hands in the dye, how about planning a visit to Tokushima next year!

The good indigo people of Tokushima are dyeing to meet you! Nyuk nyuk nyuk…. heheheh… did you see what I did there?

To check out Naked & Famous please go to their website for more details.