This week we have had some wonderful news. And in light of the wretched corona virus age we are currently in, good news is most welcome. The news is that we managed to publish an article for the Lonely Planet website about the Naruto Sake Story. I am very pleased with the article and how it turned out, and also with the superb photography of Mr. Ogawa and the calligraphy and banner design work of Mr. Nii.

Working on this project has been an incredible experience, from start to finish. There are many different people, and everyone with different personalities and feelings. I hope that the collaboration that we had together will continue on. It has been a great pleasure doing this work, and in promoting sake and promoting Tokushima and promoting Matsuura Sake Brewery.

The area around Matsuura-san’s establishment is marvelous. For visitors to Japan, once you’ve seen Kyoto and Tokyo, and are ready for a Deep Japan experience, a visit to Naruto and having your own Naruto Sake Story, will leave you breathless. It’s marvelous.

Corona won’t last forever, so when it’s gone, how about coming down to Shikoku for your very own story. Tokushima is a good place to start, and the people there you meet along the way will make it very much worth your while.