If you have been to Japan, or are familiar with life in Japan or how typical Japanese people live, you might know that April is when the year “starts”. This is the time that kids go back to school and also when many people start a new job. In our language schools we meet a lot of kids who are new to this area, and new to Kagawa. It’s also a time when the cherry blossoms have already mostly flown away. It’s a time when the green of the trees bursts forth and all sorts of flowers bloom.

I hope that we are coming closer to the end of our long corona virus winter, and that life and tourism will bloom here again. Like many friends around the world, I’ve felt penned in, stifled, and a experiencing a little cabin fever. But we need to move forward too. There are incredible things to experience outdoors, so we have been getting better at going outside to enjoy the sun and the new growth around us.

New things, and renewed things, are coming forth here in Kagawa and all over Shikoku. I have so much to share with you and I have been saving things up. So, without too much ado, I am ready to start machine-gunning articles and links out on this blog, and a couple of other sites I run too. I hope that these updates meet you in good health, sound and whole spirits, and also begin to touch your curiosity and inspiration to consider a trip out this way, to Shikoku, to the off-the-beaten-path adventure.

We’ve so much to do!