Such a great article, and from this Canadian’s point of view, so wonderfully and perfectly JAPAN. I can’t count how many times I have forgotten my wallet in the car with the windows down and the engine running… and nothing ever happens. In most other places in the world everything would be gone in a flash.

I am reminded of a time when I lived in Ishikawa prefecture. I took a taxi downtown for a social function and asked the driver to drop me off at one spot because the traffic was heavy and I could just as easily walk through the crowds. He pulled over and I paid the bill. About three minutes later I hear heavy footsteps and someone calling out to me in Japanese, “Customer! Customer!”. I turn around to meet the taxi driver I had just left and he pushed into my hands 100 yen (about a dollar). He apologizes like crazy for overcharging me, and then slips away back through the crowd.

I sincerely love Japan. You will too when you get here.