With spring now in full swing we begin to look with cautious eyes towards summer. Will summer be okay for international travel to Japan? Will there be enough vaccinations among the Japanese populace to render it basically safe for inboud tourists? Will enough happen towards protecting everyone so that things like the super famous Awa Odori Dance Festival can happen in Tokushima?

Hopefully so. But… if that is still not yet possible, but it is still okay to come to Japan, how about some diving? You can’t get the corona virus underwater, and there is a lot to see, and if you dive in the Seto Inland Sea you will find the water to be remarkably calm and much safer to navigate than the ocean. Dive Japan may have some suggestions for you.

Come and check it out! https://dive-in-japan.com/guide/areas-interest/many-descend-tokushima-city-every-august-large-scale-awa-odori-dance-festival