The other day I am having a very nice conversation with the gentlemen I know at National Geographic via Zoom. We are talking about this next season, and also comparing notes about our respective locational responses to the COVID 19 pandemic and vaccination. They were happily telling me that the UK has huge vaccinated numbers, that they are going to restaurants again, enjoying drinks in pubs again, going outside without a mask again….

I confess that I felt a very real, very jealous surge of emotion.

The news is full of stories of vaccination roll outs. New Yorkers can get a vaccine at the subway station on the way to work. It’s great. It’s wonderful. It’s just not in Japan, yet.

It’s hard to remain optimistic, and I do wonder what is the big problem that is holding us back here in Groovy Nippon. The news reports when interviewing leaders have very unhelpful responses, and doctors I know are equally wondering why things are going so slow.


But today I will try to take a deep breath, and look forward to autumn…. maybe winter…. when I can get my own shot in the arm. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting here as I can, when inspiration comes, and in the hope and in the knowledge of the innevitability that the corona pandemic will be, in the foreseeable future, a thing of the past.

Hang in there with me in the meantime.