This last year, our company did a collaborative project with the Naruto Sake Story, a very unique and special project designed to give foreign visitors a sake-tasting/culturally relevant/deep-Japan experience. It was a great project, with great people, with great and delicious sake, and a lot of fun. The people who came together to make the project are total pros. Our part in the project was to assist with language translation and editing, and to also help with promotion and marketing consultation.

If you are interested to come to Shikoku for a really special and unique experience that combines sake, food, pilgrimage, temple visits, soy sauce tasting, whirlpool viewing, and making some great new friends, I cannot recommend this experience more. The whole world got derailed because of the corona virus, but even though we had so many restrictions at the time, everyone was so keen to see this project through, and to establish a framework that will last after COVID 19 is gone. So, come on down to Shikoku and stay for a few days in Naruto. You will really see a part of Japan that is inaccessible for so many. A truly unique and beautiful experience: