Getting around Shikoku as a pilgrim can be done in all sorts of ways. Some go by foot, many by bus or car, but you can also experience the Shikoku pilgrimage by bicycle too. There is no “perfect” way to be an ohenro pilgrim, but that is okay, most people are far from perfect anyway.

The reasons for going on pilgrimage are many, and often mixed. Some go in remembrance of someone they have lost. Some go for the purposes of healing something in their heart, or for figuring out what to do with their life. That sounds like such a good idea–taking some time out to re-set, particularly as we are soon approaching a “post-corona” age where we literally need to pick up the pieces of living.

Come along with this henro pilgrim, this Bike Henro. The site is relatively new so I’ll put up the few videos he has to date. Do subscribe to the channel and cheer him along the way. As for would-by cyclists planning to one day come and do this yourself, take careful notes. And also take time to get blown away by some of the gorgeous photography within.

Here is the next!

Go go bike henro!!! You can do it.