Once again, as we are all struggling in our ways to get through the fog of corona that has so deeply permeated our lives, this blog has been hibernating. Hibernation ought to happen through the winter months, but COVID-19 has so devastated the Inbound Tourism industry, everything has become incredibly quiet.

But we do hear stirrings out there. As the Concierge for Shikoku Tourism we are getting increased numbers of people writing messages in, inquiring about the status of travel to Japan, and how accessible is the area. Many inquiries about the Shikoku Pilgrimage, naturally, and it seems that there are a lot of people out there who are ready to restart their lives when things open up again.

The numbers of corona cases in Japan is shrinking. After an incredibly alarming spike in numbers it is good to see the other side of that wave. Of course, we have seen this story before. Are we in store for yet another wave? Will everything be locked down again? Will the final “last man standing” shops and restaurants get hammered flat, once and for all?

It could happen, conceivably, but the percentage numbers of people getting vaccinated has increased here in Japan. Thankfully, the people who think that COVID-19 is “a matter of opinion” are relatively few. Most people are educated enough, sensible enough, to know that medicine and vaccines save and protect lives. Even if the ludicrous notion that they have microchips in them is remotely true, go ahead. I carry a cell phone with me, just like you, so I feel totally “trackable” anyway. I just don’t want to get the corona virus, or give it to someone else.

But while you may have been sleeping, and while this website has been quiet, there has been a few things unfolding, “behind the scenes”. There is something rather important that is coming this way, and we have some huge news to share.

But not just yet.

We have always believed that Shikoku is the “sleeping giant” of Inbound Tourism. There is so much here. There is so much to learn and explore and discover. Shikoku is the undiscovered country, and from next month, when we can finally talk about what has been going on, a lot more people are going to take notice too.

Stay tuned! Very important information is coming in a few weeks.