This year, I had the great chance to meet with a rather incredible writer and researcher, Dave McMahon. Not only are we children of the 1980’s, share a shockingly amount of shared taste in music, but we are both incredibly fascinated by the traditional culture and aesthetic of Japan. The only big difference between us is that Dave is about 20 times smarter than I am.

So I am especially grateful for his very patient and kind exploration of this article, which you all must read. As Westerners to Japan, and students of culture and language, there is a lot of ground to cover to get a better sense and understanding of the history, art, aesthetics, and spirituality of Japan, particularly as they get woven together so intimately.

Come along with Dave and read on. Produced with JNTO, this article will be eternally relevant and give you some insight about the ancient Japan, the undiscovered Japan, the unfathomable Japan, and the Japan that you are so welcome to see and experience with your own senses.