As we are getting closer to the end of the corona tunnel, it might be a good time to start thinking about your next adventure or vacation. We have long believed here in Shikoku, that for a healing experience, and for taking some time to reflect and regroup, a journey to deep Japan might be exactly what you need.

I’ve always loved traveling around Japan. I find it tremendously stress-free. I don’t worry about being pick-pocketed. I don’t worry about being accosted on the street by people I don’t know who are trying to sell me something, or show me some place that they have in mind. Even as a highly visible non-Japanese person, I can really walk wherever I like, unencumbered, and feeling very free.

Frankly speaking, as a long time permanent resident in Japan, I have never been the victim of any petty crime. Sometimes I forget to lock my car doors at night, and never has anyone ever stolen anything. Compared to Canada, which I also find reasonably safe, Japan is truly a visitor’s paradise.

So, when you come to Shikoku, you ought to take some time to explore the Iya Valley. This part of Tokushima is so pure, and so green, full of sound and scent, you will feel very much in “another world”. To give you some idea, check out this video here: