Once you know that Shikoku exists, and once you know of all the incredible things to do and see and experience here, the next step is figuring out how to actually make it this far.

But it really isn’t that far. From Osaka, you can be in Tokushima in under 3 hours. From Osaka, you can be in Takamatsu in about 3 and a half hours. For travelers from overseas that is really not such a big deal. You get up early-ish in the morning in Osaka, head on down to the dining room, enjoy the hotel buffet for an hour or so, head on back to your room re-pack your back in about 20 minutes and you are ready to head out. Leave your hotel around 9am or so and head to the station. Once your train comes, usually within an hour, you’ll be on your way. Have a bite on the train or at the station and you’ll be in Shikoku by the afternoon. Just like that. And the trip over is pretty easy on the eyes too. The landscape is gorgeous and once you leave the main island of Honshu and travel over the water, you will see some extraordinary views of the gorgeous Seto Inland Sea. It’s a perfect welcome to Shikoku where your adventure begins.

Here is a great link to see how easy it is to come by bus or train from Osaka to Shikoku:


It’s a piece of cake.