When you plan your trip to come to Shikoku you will need to look around on-line for sources of good information. I hope that this website will point you in all kinds of good directions. Here is one more, the official website that has created a good number of truly wonderful Youtube videos under the channel, “meet my kagawa”. They have really done a great job.

The website opens in Japanese and only has the English link way way down at the bottom of the page in a tiny font. That is not going to help anyone. So, I am linking directly to the English site here:


Please check it out!

As more and more people are discovering Shikoku we need to really make sure that access to information is smooth and easy to use. There are lots of good features on this website, and there are a number of great articles as well. Even one, by yours truly!


There are a ton of great travel ideas, and also very importantly, a list of some very delicious sake as well. Check it all out!!