It has been a crazy week here in Groovy Nippon and Sunny Shikoku. The Best in Travel Award has been announced and we had a press conference as well. The regional economic council and the Shikoku Tourism senior administrators spoke with the press and let the region know what has happened. It was very nice to be there and to be recognized for the role that we could play leading up to this point. And at the end a ton of photos taken and then the information was broadcasted out in newspapers and news programs.

Here are some of the links in the papers if you would like to check them out!全球旅遊指南精選%202022%20年推薦旅遊目的地%20四國被選為十大旅遊推薦地區之一!/

We are absolutely over the moon with the great coverage we have received. We started this website about five years ago with the intention of promoting Kagawa, and then later all of Shikoku. We had absolutely no idea that we would be able to get to this level of international attention and to develop the kind of momentum that we have.

So, for now we need to take a breath and to think. What’s next? What do we need to do in order to not just let the world know that Shikoku exists, and the incredible wonders that are here to experience. We need to develop meaningful ways to bring people here for excellent experiences, and to also do what we can to support and work with local people here in Shikoku to keep interactions positive and mutually beneficial.

We are excited for the next phase that is about to begin.