Like you, I’m very hopeful for this year. The entirety of 2021 was the whole world living under the COVID 19 cloud. Everything so uncertain, and so much nonsense in the media about vaccinations and silly people who don’t believe that science is real.

Anti-vax types have held the world to a standstill in the west, and we should have been out of this mess several months ago. It is sad that we see so much loss and devastation due to the acts of omission by a minority of people. And as we head into the new Omicron mess, Darwinism will sort out those who heed good medical advice and those who clog up the workings of society by arriving at the hospitals, with full-on symptoms, demanding care and blocking the paths of people who need the aid of doctors for unrelated medical issues.

Yet, despite the foolishness of such people, I am very hopeful and optimistic for this next year. We certainly are at the very precipice of great success for Shikoku, Inbound Tourism, and a boost to local industry… if only the airports can get unclogged.

We ended 2021 with a bang as Shikoku was rightfully recognized as a MUST visit region by the Lonely Planet. It is an incredible event and as the book published is entitled, “BEST in Travel 2022” we really hope to see many people come to Shikoku to experience this region, to try its food and drink, to walk the pilgrim’s path, and to interact with the tremendous people who call Shikoku home.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that good things are ready to come our way by springtime, and that beautiful cherry blossoms will rain down their petals on many visitors to Shikoku, decorating their fully vaccinated beings in glorious splendor.

Happy New Year. Stay safe. Get vaccinated.