When you travel it’s always great to take home with you some sort of memento. We often spend a good part of our lives looking for the next journey and the next adventure. Sometimes we pick up some sort of trinket, natural object, painting, or decoration. I can look around my house and see things that I picked up along the way, and then when I look at them I remember something special, a place, a friend, and a moment that formed a part of my personality. Most people are probably like this.

When you come to Shikoku it’s hard to take home a bowl of udon, and it would be nice to find something that is particularly from Shikoku, and not something that you would see in one of the cities you’ve visited along the way to get here. With that in mind, I want to introduce you to a local artist who runs a shop here in Shikoku. Art and crafts are found and curated, exported, and artists are celebrated and given some spotlight. There are also a lot of great articles on Japanese customs and traditions as well. Lots to read!!

Please check it out, and when the time is right and you come to Shikoku, make some time to connect here and find a new treasure to take home with you.