The photos that you can easily take with your own camera at Chichibugahama (beach) are quickly becoming a world-wide image for the beauty that you can find in Shikoku. The beach is really unique as you can stand out on the sand during sun set, and with the huge swath of shallow water from the sea capture some amazing images.

But this kind of place is not possible to enjoy without people who care for it, love it, and who faithfully clean up the trash that washes up on it. The Chichibu no Kai is an association of volunteers who have been cleaning the beach for the last 23 years. This is their home and they want to share it with the world. It’s a marvelous selfless thing they do, so it is wonderful to see an article dedicated to them in Matcha.

By all means, do come to Shikoku, do visit the beach, do take all the pictures you possibly can, do have a wonderful time. But also please do pack all your garbage out with you, and if you see something lying on the beach that shouldn’t be there, please be a help and pick that up too. A clean beach, and a clean world needs all of us working together.