It feels like coming out of a thick cloud.

It really has been a long dark tunnel of Covid and all the trouble and heartache surrounding it. In some way, the world moves forward and we try to move ahead. We’ve been very busy during the “power outage” of foreigners visiting Japan being crushed to virtually zero, and I am very happy to announce that we are ready to take on the remainder of this year and flowing into next with Japan Tour programming that is beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my more than 25 years in Japan.

From this spring, my company has partnered with an elite travel design company based in Kyoto. Together we are working with a couple of major travel agency powerhouses. As a team we are able to create and design unbelievable Japan Travel Journeys that take guests from Tokyo, through Kyoto, and into Deep Japan Shikoku. We will meet you at the Arrival Gate, take care of all your accommodations and reservations, and bring you to places that no other agency can.

Tailor-created itineraries in close consultation with clients. Upscale and exclusive accommodations and adventures. Our current clientele run from agencies handling top-end VIP-types, to interest groups and associations, to smaller tours of couples too. We have the programs in place to handle high-maintenance guests to more “do it yourself” types who want to adventure on their own.

At present, due to lingering restrictions, we handle guided groups only, but we expect that to loosen in the next few months after the summer rush.

Contact me direct with any inquiries. We will get you started on the adventure of a lifetime.