This has been a good week in Japan regarding the rules and regulations that have been keeping foreigners out of the country for more than three years. Announcements have been made by the government that some restrictions are being lifted.

Travelers who have been thrice vaccinated do not need a PCR test before coming over. Also, and this is a big one, the need for a registered guide to watch your every step will also be eliminated. The final hurdle will be the removal of the need for a visa. But, if you are coming through a travel agent planning your trip they will take care of that for you anyway. So, if you are someone hoping to come to Japan, and are working with a proper agency to ensure that your experience will be incredible, then there is no reason to not start planning your trip to Japan.

If you are someone looking for a suitable planner for your trip. We will, in discussion with you, plan your itinerary and get in touch with one of the major agencies we partner with.

Enough of all this COVID. Let’s get you to Japan!