Today I awoke to the news that Prime Minister Kishida announced in New York that Japan will fully open its doors to foreign travelers. This is very much welcome news, and has been long needed. The Japan economy is getting kicked around, and the yen is an a 24 year low. This is really the absolute BEST time to get to Japan for overseas visitors and we can only strongly recommend for anyone interested in exploring Japan this is the time to do it.

While the power brokers of Japan were sleeping and slowly, oh so slowly, incrementally opening the doors for guests to Japan, we have been busy. Very busy. Over the past four months we have worked and toiled, slaved over and lovingly cultivated, some astonishing Deep Japan Experiences. Among them:

Elite Sushi Experience in Tokyo: Master Chef

Sumo Experiences: From training to VIP tournament seating with veteran sumo champions.

Exclusive access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto

Deep Art Experiences: Traditional Art and training with masters of vanishing traditions to Private Gallery with Japanese Modern Artists to Art training with Professional Manga-artists and Animation pros.

Spiritual Experiences: Train with Zen Monks, Shinto Priests, and Pilgrimages from Kumano to Shikoku

Japanese Theatre: Behind the Scenes in Noh and Kabuki

Top Geisha Entertainment in Gion, Kyoto

Gastro/Sake Safari: Master brewers, pro sommeliers, train your palate and sharpen your taste buds.

Top-notch travel: Shinkansen Bullet Train to Private Yacht and Jet, and all manners of unique conveyance.

There are more than this, but how a journey is crafted is through a consultation between you and our team. We learn about your level of interest and experience in all things Japan. You let us know what are some of the things you are curious and interested in experiencing. From there, with our group of highly trained, and over-educated, designers we consider elements of theme and narrative to script and sculpt an itinerary that suits your needs and sparks your imagination.

We handle all the details so that you can simple be in each and every moment.

As we do not advertise in a commercial sense, and work primarily through word of mouth and personal relations, we invite you contact us directly. Serious inquiries are appreciated.