It’s a good feeling, to be out of 2022. I feel like we have gotten out of the end of the COVID tunnel, in terms of how it has so adversely affected travel and tourism to Japan. No doubt, the corona virus has not magically disappeared, but there seems to be a new resilience to understand this fact, to be mindful of others susceptible to being hurt by it, and to also push ahead with life and with living.

For this new year, and for new resolutions, I am deeply and fanatically dedicated to doing my very best to promote Shikoku, to promote this incredible region, and to also help visitors to Japan have not only the best big-city experiences in Tokyo and Kyoto, but to also make space to see the “beyond the neon and geishas” of the original Japan, the deeper Japan, the roots and rhizomes of Japanese life, culture, identity, and tradition.

If you have found this page, and this blog, and are thinking of your own first-time (or second, or third, or more!) adventure to Japan, I hope you will consider enlisting our aid in getting you from Naritia International airport in Tokyo to all the incredible places you have long dreamed of. Go to this page’s sister site at and learn more of the path that awaits.

So, with all of that said, with 2022 firmly behind us, let’s dust off those passports, crack open the almanac, spin the globe, and wait until Japan comes over the horizon, and put your finger down there.

Happy New Year! Let’s make this one a great year to experience, to travel, and to explore!