It’s been several months since I have put my hands and mind to the keyboard to write something for this site. For those of you who come to visit now and then, you have been greeted only with the New Year’s greeting blog for 2023. Today is now the 1st of October, and it surely has been awhile.

But while this page has been sitting quietly in a semi hibernating-state, we’ve been busy elsewhere. Our business with language schools has taken some twists and turns, but we are still moving in the right evolutionary direction that we need to. COVID and now AI have taken, and are taking, the world into new territory. The corona virus really pushed all of us into a corner, and made us have to face a lot of things that maybe we were not so ready to do so. From that time, we have all had to make some sacrifices, seen things fall away and perish, and also need to find a new resolve to come through the mess.

AI is a whole new creature that is finding its way through all the methods we use to transmit information and to dispense knowledge. As owners of language schools we can can that the impact will be enormous on that industry, so we need to adapt with AI, as it evolves, and develop space and services that still keep us relevant, and still indispensable, to students and clients.

We are still very much in the travel space, expanding in our way, and finding people to work with and collaborate with. This page has always been a window to Kagawa, a window to Shikoku, and a window to Japan. With this view, one that brings visitors to our lovely part of the country, we have been busy working with some very progressive companies and new friends helping people discover Japan – then Shikoku – then Kagawa and Takamatsu, and all the other marvelous places that we find in our island region.

Also, as a business and an advocate for our region, we have teamed up with some great companies who share our perspective and also our sense of service to others. So, from here on out, I will be doing a bit more than focusing only on Shikoku, but rather, be deepening the track that people are on from Tokyo through Kyoto to this wonderful undiscovered country.

Thanks for coming by today to read this blog! If you are new, feel free to dig further down the page, there’s gold in these hills!

Best always,