Come To Kagawa

Undiscovered Japan: A Spiritual Destination

All About Come to Kagawa

Hello, my name is Mark Groenewold and I am the author of this site. The purpose for making this site is twofold: the first is to show the outside English speaking world a little about Kagawa and why it is such a unique and special place, and the second is to help and support local businesses, shops, and artists as they communicate with people coming here to see and enjoy all that this prefecture has to offer.


I didn’t always live in Kagawa, but my wife and I moved here in 2007. She is from Kagawa, but I am from Canada. Since coming here we developed and grew our language schools and got to know more about this area and the people who live here, work here, and raise their kids here. We are very grateful to the friends we make along the way, and to the people who help us.

Over the past several years we developed our schools to help kids learn and speak English, and we are also involved now in helping small businesses communicate with people overseas. We are fortunate to have this unique place in the community and hope we can do a good job to facilitate and encourage people from different cultures and languages to meet and develop friendships.

If you have just recently come to this site, you will no doubt notice that there are “holes” and incomplete information. I truly apologize for that, but will do my best to fill things in as we go along. There are many treasures to Kagawa-ken, many doors to open together, and places to explore. I hope you will join us in discovering the quiet awe that can be found here. Kagawa is the smallest prefecture of Japan, but within are some magnificent and splendid things to see, discover, and experience.

Welcome welcome!!


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