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How We Can Help You

A big part of this site it to help people figure out what to see and do in Shikoku. While it looks pretty small on the map, there really is quite a bit to experience here. You might go on pilgrimage. You might go to the art festival. You might go hiking, or visit shrines, or go on a sake tour!

Our work is to provide as much information as we can for you, and to connect you with what is going on in Shikoku. This really is such an incredible place to visit and explore. A truly “Deep Japan” adventure awaits.

One thing that we specialize in are tours for people who are interested in sake and in a sake-related adventure. We work with Japanese tour companies to arrange such things, so if that is something that is of interest, please let us know via email and we can talk about the details. In the meantime, please browse through the hundreds of updates on this site to figure out what you would like to see and do.

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