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Undiscovered Japan: A Spiritual Destination

How We Help You

When you arrive in Kagawa after a lengthy day of travel the last thing you want to do is run around trying to find your hotel, make sure it is close enough to where you want to go, and that nearby restaurants that suit you are accessible.

Our mission is to make your time in Kagawa unforgettable, but in all the good ways a great journey is supposed to be.

On this site we will be updating the best information we can gather for accommodations, good restaurants that are easy to access for English language speakers, and information on historical and cultural places that have not yet made it into most tour books. Kagawa is a place full of surprises and is very much an untouched and undiscovered part of Japan. Your escape from the concrete labyrinths of the big cities is over. We want to show you a calmer paced Japan, full of art, culture, food, leisure, and enjoyment.

You will see on this site a set of pages at the top menu bar. From here will be the quick guides to the places, restaurants, shopping, and other amenities you need when you travel. The blog will have new updates and information that goes more in depth, and I’ll do my best to cross link everything so you can find what you are looking for more easily.

You may ask… “What’s in it for you, Mark?”

That is a good question, so we should address that right away.

How this website works is that all the information that is provided here, and the subsequent endorsements and suggestions for things you may see or places you may go are authentic and true. We don’t endorse or support bad restaurants, or shady businesses of any sort. We don’t do that because travellers find out, and then they let the world know that we have been untruthful. We really want you to have a great time in Kagawa, and we are committed to doing a good job doing exactly that.

We receive support from the people that we review on these pages. If they are good locations we are going to let you know where they are and how to get there. If they are good restaurants, pubs, or accommodations, we want you to be able to access them. We also want the businesses that get new customers to do well and to flourish.

You see, while I am not Japanese and am not a citizen, my kids are.  They were born here. They go to school here. They play with friends here. Kagawa is not my prefecture, but it is for my kids. I want them to grow up in a place that is economically growing and prosperous. I want them, and their friends, to always stay in this untouched part of Japan, rather than thinking of how to move to Tokyo or Osaka when they graduate high school. Our mission is to make Kagawa, and all its really great features, a bit more accessible to visitors who are interested in Kagawa and want to experience an authentic and original Japanese place, complete with all the sounds and smells and textures that come with it.

The great tourist destinations of Japan are things to visit, for sure. But the proximity between the cultural sights and experiences here in Kagawa is closer. It is more intimate, and more friendly. You can feel a part of something that is new and interesting, rather than view it from afar, held back by ropes and told to stay on the paved path. Here you can touch the trees, smell the incense, and feel the cherry blossoms on your face. I think that is a beautiful thing.

I may not be from here, but I love Kagawa. It’s my home. And I really would like you to see how cool my home is too.

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